Partnership with the Ehmen/Mörse School in Wolfsburg/Germany

Partnership with the Ehmen/Mörse School in Wolfsburg/Germany


Partnershipvisit  from Ghana in Wolfsburg from 5.9. until the 16.9.2016


Initiation of the interactive partnership between classrooms in Sunyani and Wolfsburg via Skype


Our gratitude goes out to the ‘Carl und Marisa Hahn Stiftung’ and the ‘Rotary Club Gifhorn


We have won the UNESCO award for sustainable development 2009

We live in one world and we share our fortune with each other


We believe that learning should be fun, fun that could last a lifetime. Because what we learn with joy, stays within us for much longer.

 By supporting children and adolescents through furthering their education we open up future perspectives for them. We are helping them to help themselves.


In the Joyful Learning School we encourage learning in a positive atmosphere through individual support for children with special needs and an appreciative approach in daily interactions.


Education is a defining part of society, which is why we also educate the students in developing their personality and managing their day-to-day life successfully through improving their learning aptitude, their creativity, and their media competence. Our students were brought up in low-income families, some of their parents never even saw the insides of a school themselves.


Graduating school not only opens up a different perspective for the young students, it also unburdens their parents and siblings, as the students are now able to actively provide towards the family income.


To learn an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting allows our students to become economically independent and more self-sufficient, and thus less reliant on external help, in only a few years.

And though that, the high risk of unemployment is lowered significantly.

Especially girls and young women generally would not be attending secondary schools, since they are often needed for housekeeping and it would, financially speaking, only be an additional burden to send them to school as well. That is why we are extraordinarily proud of our high percentage of female students, and the high proportion of students who achieved very good final grades.


The Joyful Learning School is in independently operated sponsorship of the Deutsch/Ghanaischen Friendship association Wolfsburg, which is a non-profit organisation.

We are a registered member in the VEN (Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen e.v.), which is the registered Niedersachsen association of developmental politics.

Video about the Joyful Learning School

In this short video the 16-year old Noemi shows the Joyful Learning School,

and the partnership visit from Sunyani/Ghana in Wolfsburg, which includes appearances of our student Sandra and the Joyful Learning School’s principle Ibrahim Oppong.

Noemi participated with this video in the 'Project for Awesome 2016 - online creators.


Here is the review of the year 2021 at the Joyful Learning School:

ENG - JLS Yearly Report .pdf
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