our offer in ghana

What speaks in favour of us?


-High educational standard at cost price


-Mentoring the students

-Source of drinking water with clean groundwater

-Medical care in cooperation with the Ghana Health Care

-School Partnership with the Ehmen/Mörse Elementary School in Wolfsburg

-Holiday programs and projects exceeding the curriculum

-International encounters


Our institutions




Since 2014 we oversee three groups which include our day nursery, our kindergarten and our preschool. The children are driven safely to us from our bus driver Joe in the morning, and in the afternoon he brings them back home as well. That is a huge relief to the children’s mothers, who can now work while knowing that their children are being taken care of.

The children are being taught their first english words and sung english songs. 

After the shared lunch, which is daily prepared by our cook Afia, it is nap time for the young ones.


The children then enjoy the incredibly large, compared to other kindergarten in the area, variety of play and exercise material we offer  Through regular parent-teacher conferences we stay in close contact to each family, and many parents in our neighbourhood are actively involved in the works of their kindergarten.


Primary school


Our students learn in comparatively small primary school classes ranging from 15 to 20 students. That way, we can support each student individually. Additionally, our trainees offer a diversity of extracurricular activities and projects. After primary school, our students are well prepared for secondary school.


Using two school busses, the children are transported safely to and from school in the morning and afternoon. That way children who live farther away are able to visit our school as well. Through regular parent-teacher conferences we stay in touch with each family and offer our advice and support in difficult situations.


School structure


Our students learn in small classes with a maximum of 30 students in each class, and only pay a third of the for the area usual school fee. In most public schools in the area, classes could range up to 90 students per class, and private schools usually are unaffordable to most parents.

The Joyful Learning School works at cost price.

We offer our students computer courses and extracurricular activities in addition to the regular curriculum. Furthermore, we offer good sanitaries and a lot of room for after school activities.


We have our own school library, a sports field and a kitchen.


Computer courses with our mentor and technician Martin



School library