Foundation and History

The Idea

During the visit of his home country Ghana in the year 2005, Owusu Agyei met a desperate group of students which have just had their classroom dismissed without notice.

The students sat on the streets, the former teachers were now unemployed. 

Family man Agyei spontaneously volunteered to offer one of his own houses to function as a school. He spent the rest of his visit building up classrooms, the garage turned into a library.

The students were able to graduate.

The necessity of an affordable school was obvious, the demand for it high. So the development of the project continued.


The Joyful Learning School is in independently operated sponsorship of the Deutsch/Ghanaischen friendship association Wolfsburg, a registered non profit organisation.

Through the support of our sponsors from Germany, and our own personal contribution arose a whole school centre with now 19 members of staff on site.


The Development

2005    Establishment of the upper classes 

2006    Building of three additional classrooms, Installation of a boardinghouse for 50 students

2007    Students are gifted bikes for their way to school, Start of the computer class, Building of the athletics   field and the soccer field

2008    Buying of ten additional hectare of land to build a new school centre

2009    Winning of the UNESCO award for sustainable development, Starting to build onto the newly bought land

2010    Start of the ‘solar cooker’ project in Ghana

2011    Installation of the guest apartments, Start of the student exchange program

2012    Opening of the elementary school

2013    Buying of the first school bus, drilling towards the groundwater as a source of water supply

2014    Opening of the kindergarten


2015    Furthering the school grounds, celebrating our ten year anniversary



Curiosity and an inquiring mind

The foundation of our school isn't build on stone alone. It consists of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, the keen interest in the diversity of people and things in general, and the persistence to get to the bottom of things. Children by nature are explores and inquirers. To sustain (or awake again) this joy they have towards learning something new, is why we not only named our school Joyful Learning School, but we also made it our foundation and overall goal.


Through the strength which lies in the imagination, we envision how we are able to shape a future which is both sustainable and beautiful. Why shouldn't it be?



From the little butterfly to the giant tree, to realise the significance of nature for our lives is important to us. We offer new suggestions to our students and their families regarding that topic, for example to build your own solar cooker instead of making a fire place.

We teach our students how to detect environmental toxins and how to avoid them.

Furthermore, we grow our own crops in our school garden.